Michele Morales

A New Diplomatic Strategy Emerges as Artificial Intelligence Grows – Generic English

Connected media – Linked media As a result, the strategy goes beyond the rules of managing cyberconflict and focuses on American efforts to assure control over physical technologies like undersea cables, which connect countries, companies and individual users to cloud services. Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, has been seeking to dominate the laying of cables…

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Deadly Russian Strikes Hit Civilian Center and Other Targets in Odesa – Generic English

Connected media – Linked media Bomb disposal experts and human rights groups have said those bomblets, which are mass-produced and inexpensively made, generally have a 20 percent failure rate, often leaving behind hazardous duds that can explode later if mishandled. Because they are small, those duds can lay unnoticed among debris or vegetation and weigh…

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Edward Dwight, Once Picked to Be the First Black Astronaut in Space, Aims for Space at Last – Generic English

Associated media – Linked media Edward Dwight is going to space, finally. In the coming weeks, as conditions allow, Mr. Dwight is expected to be part of a six-person crew heading into space on the latest mission of Blue Origin, the space company founded by Jeff Bezos. Blue Origin’s seventh human flight will carry an…

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